Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opening the Box: Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 1520 XL

After years of playing this game I find that one little issue always seems to rear it's ugly head. My models are constantly getting broken while moving from place to place. It seems like most all gamers go through the same process of trying to either find or make cheap ways of transporting their minis and for some it works, but for me it came down to needing some heavy duty to get my army from point A to point B. The route I went was with the Battlefoam P.A.C.K. system.

Luckily my FLGS carries a massive amount of Battlefoam products so I was able to bypass having to deal with any shipping nonsense. It was as simple as find my case, pay for it and enjoy! Well, turns out I made a pretty big mistake when purchasing my gargantuan P.A.C.K 1520 XL. I snagged myself a case filled with varying sizes of the pluck foam. Little did I know this involved a lot of labor to make work.

When you order your Battlefoam cases from their direct website you're able to do a lot of extensive customization. Not only can you make a case filled with their amazing pre cut trays, but you can even have trays made specifically for you. These guys have a wonderful tool for making trays any way you want. This allows you to really cram any army you can think of in this case without any sort of issue. They have pre cuts for all sorts of wargaming systems beyond just 40k. Fantasy, Warmahordes, and X-Wing just to name a few. You are also presented with the options of leaving the case empty to buy trays at a later date or go with the pluck foam. For any future case purchases I will definately be going with the pre cut trays to fill the case instead of the tedious task of plucking the pluck foam to fit for my army.

Lets break this case down piece by piece to really illustrate what a quality item it is.

The Case Itself- 5
When you take a glance at the Battlefoam cases they looks like luggage meant for traveling. Little does one know, they're actually a Kevlar lined hard wood case reinforced bastion for your miniatures. After using it for months and often letting it roll around in my trunk, I can tell you that this case will take some abuse for you. The lining hasn't shown any signs of wear in all the times I lug it back and fourth from my FLGS. A big worry for me was the wheels that support my case. After dealing with cheap luggage my whole life I was expecting more of the same. Luckily, these wheels are very high quality. I typically only use the wheels when going through parking lots so I was surprised to see the way they held up after a constant assault of concrete.

The Foam- 4
Not too much needs to be said about the foam that comes in this premium case. It holds up well to abuse, it's very stable, and beats the pants off of most competitors storage systems. The only thing I can really say is that while the pluck foam gets the job done for the more budget conscious gamers, the pre cut is well worth the extra cash. My only complaint I had was the amount of time I invested in getting my pluck foam pretty to go. At the same time though, the pluck foam works great for those oddly shaped models. My icon wielding chaos marines and daemons really like the pluck foam for that!

The Value- 4
Spending this much on a case can be tough. Having to spend slightly over $200 was a bit rough on just transportation, but I would do all over again. The more I use this case and compare it to what other people use and compare it even to my old GW army case, I appreciate the purchase all that much more. One unique option Battlefoam gives you is the ability to trade in your old cases from a list of approved cases for credit to be used towards your purchase. Trade in certainly makes the price much more manageable.

Out of all the transport systems I've seen, the Battlefoam products take the cake for me. I couldn't be much happier with my purchase. I keep picking up different pre cut trays for some of my more oddly shaped models as to not waste as much space and I don't intend on stopping any time soon.

If you're interested in checking out these fantastic bags just click here!


  1. You may wanna check out KR Multicase. I am using it and have reviewed it before.

  2. Jwhite actually has a KR multicase and it works well for his Dark Elder because of the softer foam in it. I don't quite know what it was but KR didn't suit me as well. My Necrons and Chaos must just prefer the grey foam of Battlefoam.