Friday, September 7, 2012

New Erratas Are Up

While making lunch today I decided reread the Chaos Space Marine FAQ hoping for some clear cut answer about whether or not the Daemon Prince was a jump monstrous creature or a flying monstrous creature. After doing a bit of reading online and getting no where, I cracked out my BRB and opened up the errata on Gamesworkshop's website. All of a sudden the clouds parted and things became a lot more clear, they posted new FAQs that clearly outlined how this mysterious unit is supposed to work. Turns out the Daemon Prince is indeed a FMC, just like the White Dwarf prior to the 6th edition release had implied.

It actually looks like there were a fair amount of changes made. Even the Chaos Daemons got their new units errataed. Another major thing I noticed when reading just three of the erratas is that the Night Scythe can now pick your Necrons back up and now functions as a full troop transport instead.

Here's the link so you can find some fun new rules for your armies.

Any changes you love or hate? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Tau vehicles now count as shrouded with disruption pods. That means a 3+ cover save on when it moves and the firing unit is further than 12 inches. Bring on the hammerheads!

  2. Glad for the clarification on a lot of eldar goodness. Very glad to have incubi that can eat terminators again. Also swooping hawks with intercept are still wildly overcosted for competitive games but automatically hit moving vehicles in close combat so in friendly games a 5man squad 1 shots landraiders.....yay!

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