Thursday, August 29, 2013

Necron 6th Edition Tactica Part 3: Troops and Transports

Boy has it been awhile. Working on actually playing the game for once instead of just talking about it makes my blogging go down.

Anywho, now its time for the third installment in my less than comprehensive Necron tactica! Enjoy Troops and Transports!

Whats better than a horde of shambling skeletons? Silver skeletons with gauss flayers of course! These guys do a wonderful job of forming a horde army, or at least as close as Necrons can come to it.There are three ways that I've found these guys to be effective. The first being blob squads. Blobs can put out a disgusting amount of firepower and no vehicle is safe from their gauss weaponry. Load the warriors around a Ghost Ark with a Lord with a res orb and they're going no where.

The second way I run the warriors is by loading them into a Night Scythe either as a suicide squad with a stormtek or in a small squad to grab late game objectives. Running warriors this way is one of the most cost effective ways, yet the easiest way to lose your friends. Lots of Scythes creates no fun for anyone.

Ghost Arks are the key to the final way I run my mighty warriors which leads us to ...

Ghost Ark
One of the few vehicles in standard 40k to reach the amazing level of four hull points! Ghost Arks are one hell of a tank. (Even though they may not actually be a tank...) Like most all Necron vehicles you're getting AV 13 on both the front and side armor that is also a skimmer. This means more resilience to those pesky autocannon equivalents that seem to be flooding the game now a days! Back that up with an almost constant jink save and you become a tough nut to crack.

Now we come to the third way I like to run warriors, in the stalwart Ghost Ark. Obviously this gives them a way to safely make it from point A to point B, but less obviously is the synergy with other units. Triarch Stalkers combo very well with the Ghost Ark filled up with warriors because twin-linking nine warriors, at least five more gauss flayers on the same target and a destructek as they unload on anything is just plain fun. Ghost Arks are great because not only do you get a resilient transport, but you also get a beacon for restoring your fallen necron warriors around the field. Expensive, but worth it.

Immortals are the stronger, tougher older brothers of Warriors. The only difference for them is a bigger gun and a stronger armor save. (four points per model as well) They do not have many different options, but because of that it's pretty hard to make them ineffective. What you need to decide is as simple if you want to take a Night Scythe, how many cold soulless bodies you want in the squad and what gun you want to be mowing down infantry with. I typically run them in max sized squads of ten footslogging equipped with Guass Blasters, but as of late I've been rolling them with the Tesla Carbines more often.  I find that I often prefer to use smaller units of warriors in my Scythes and have my Immortals on the table launching their volleys at the enemy as soon as possible.

The biggest debate with Immortals comes from what weapon they should have. The Gauss Blaster is probably the more reliable of the two options for the fact it brings more guaranteed fire power at half range. Gauss Blasters also give you a bit of anti-armor capabilities when it comes to both infatry and vehicles for the simple fact you can always strip hull points on the roll of a 6 while still having that AP 4.  However, the Tesla Carbine is by far the more fun option. You do not get as many guranteeed shots at close range with the carbine, but when something charges the Immortals, you get to see the power of tesla. Every snap shot that hits generates a total of three shots. Think about that for a moment. Fun and effective. 

Night Scythe
The bread and butter of most Necron lists. Odds are if you've played against Necrons in 6th edition, you've had to deal with one (or five) of these monsters.  It's a cheap flyer that can transport nearly anything in the army in large numbers. It does this while be backed up by one my favorite guns in the army. The fearsome Twin-linked Tesla Destructor. Four shots with a potential for twelve hits? Yes please. Scythes don't take much skill to use at all. Just load up some small units of warriors in these to get as many as possible and watch as people refuse to play against you. One or two is the max amount I ever run. One for my Deathmarks and one for a squad of warriors that I either equip with a stormtek or to grab objectives.

That about wraps up my Troops and Transports. In most of my armies that I run at around 1500-1850 points totals I tend to run a full squad of Immortals with Tesla, five warriors in a scythe and the variable of nine warriors in a Ghost Ark or a blob squad of warriors on foot. Let me know what tends to work for you guys in the comments sections.  I'm always looking for more ideas that my stubborn brain has not been able to come up with quite yet. 

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  1. Great article. I really need to post more tactics like this, but I run into the same play>talk situation you mentioned.

    When it comes to immortals, I like Guass for units I send forward in a scythe. I run 10 with Guass in order to take small back line scorers off objectives and install my own, harder to kill unit. The guass is good for this due to rapid fire.

    For my own backfield, I like immortals with Tesla in cover. Their gun is just as effective at 24" as it is closer and it is perfect for overwatch when the enemy closes (I once rolled 6 out of 10 dice as 6's and denied a beastmaster pack the charge, also nerfing the squad severely.

    I just added your blog to the DFG blogroll on my blog. If you like DFG, please return the favor.