Monday, September 10, 2012

New FAQ First Impressions

With the new 40k FAQ out, we noticed some much-needed clarification significant amendments to many of our favorite armies. Some of these changes are good, some are bad, and some just make sense. Here's some notable changes to a few of our favorite armies:

Chaos Space Marines- Daemon weapons and by extension the Chaos Lords that wield them just got a whole lot scarier. Now that they're AP2, no matter what dark god you worship, TEQs are going to feel the pain. Speaking of things that like to smash 2+ saves, Daemon Princes got kicked out of the nest and learned how to fly. Although we expected some clarification on their unit type in the rumored codex next month, the new errata specified that the CSM Daemon prince is indeed a flying, not jump monstrous creature. No being laughed at by their Chaos Daemons kin now!

Chaos Daemons- Mostly just clarifications and corrections to those new chariots making sure that you know that they are fleet and that the Alluress can never disembark. The Soul Devourer now suffers from being only AP3. Sadly, no longer are Fateweaver Terminator combos allowed as the Fatweaver only effects units out of codex Chaos Daemons. The only notable clarification is making sure that you are aware that Daemons always deploy by the Daemonic Assualt rules and no other army ever benefits from it.

Dark Eldar- Some VERY exciting things here. First off, Huskblades are AP2! This is awesome, as now the Archon became an absolute monster in challenges. A 2++ save and an AP2 Instant Death sword? Now THAT is scary. It's a pretty heavy point sink but I definitely think you'll enjoy the results. Secondly, Incubi are now AP2! Now I've never been too big on these guys, but the change to their weapons makes them much more appealing. A dedicated TEQ killer is something that I think was lacking (as I refused to give up my dark lances for Disintegrators). The only other notable changes are that Eldar powers guide and fortune cannot be used on Dark Eldar units (sorry Dark Harlistar, although DE can still take advantage of Doom) and a clarification that Aethersails can be used before going flat out. Overall great changes!

Necrons- You thought that once you hopped out of your trusty Night Scythe you were going to be walking home, not the case anymore. Necron units can now disembark and embark from the Scythe, making them much better. The once-terrifying Doom Scythe wasn't so lucky. As mentioned in the Necron FAQ, the death ray can no longer swat zooming flyers out of the air; however, on the bright side it still smashes through all other armor (and almost everything else) like tissue. We also saw a bit of atention to Wraiths wargear clarifying how Whip Coils affect units with the new pile in mechanics and an amendment to particle casters, which are now only shooting weapons and no longer grant a bonus attack for CCW and pistol.

Tau Empire- One word: Disruption Pods. Instead of counting the vehicle as obscured if fire upon further than 12", this 5 point upgrade now confers the shrouded special rule. At first glance, this seems like identical upgrade... until you consider jink. As long as you move the vehicle, you're looking at +2 to the jink save, granting a 3+ cover save to your vehicles at combat/cruising speed, and 2+ flatout cover as long as it maintains the minimum 12" distance from the firing unit!

Eldar- Disappointgly, the new Eldar FAQs saw no improvements, only setbacks. Vibro-cannon batteries can no longer shoot fliers out of the skies. Runes of warding are now not cumulative, so unfortunately you're opponent will never be taking psychic tests on 4d6, suffering perils on any roll 12 or above. Also, dire avenger bladestorm was clarified to lasting only a player turn, so no longer can they fire 3 shots during overwatch if they have already done so in their shooting phase.

This list is obviously not comprehensive; including only some major changes we noticed for just our favorite armies. What do you think of the new erratas? Have your armies benefited, suffered, or both? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Mixed bag for the Guardsmen, the Colossus and Medusa mortars now have no minimum range and can direct fire, making them much better, a bit of clarification on how paratrooping out of Valkyries works, something about Rough Riders, but no one fields them so it doesn't matter, and, the biggest one, Leman Russes are now Heavy Vehicles like they should have been from the beginning. I would think that's better, but I forget how Heavy works with Ordnance weapons, which is the big benefit Lumbering Behemoth had.