Monday, March 17, 2014

Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch

A new unit for one of my favorite books! What could be more exciting?! Finished rules for one.  I don't quite know what GW's deal is with this Burning Chariot kit, but they seem to always miss the mark with the rules on this kit. Specifically, both the Chariot and the Exalted Flamer on foot (tentacle?) need the relentless rule to really function. The other major missing point is not allowing this guy to buy any of the Locus abilities to buff a unit of Pink Horrors. If I could get one of these deepstriking with a blob of horrors and the Locus of Conjuration, I would do it all day long. Who decided that just because this guy is a bit more on the chubby side he can't be jump infantry like the rest of his flamer brothers?

As lackluster and unrefined rules are, I can't help but be excited about the fact someone in GW saw that this model didn't have rules outside of proxying for another model and they decided to toss some rules for it in the White Dwarf weekly. Kudos on that. Check out the rules for yourself.
No comment from me on the fantasy section, but what do you guys think of the new rules? Hell what do you think about rules going up in the WD weekly?  Let us know in the comments section.


  1. how did they miss the relentless problem?

    1. The Exalted Flamer's special weapon is a heavy weapon, and thus it cannot be used on the move, unless the model has relentless. Since neither the new flamer nor the chariot have the relentless special rule, they can only fire when standing still.

  2. I think that even without any upgrades and without being able to move it is still very good for 50 points. I will just plant it on objective behind aegis with my horrors(preferrably at the edge of my deployment zone closer to the middle of the board to give it the biggest possible bubble and let my opponent come to me

  3. I don't think they need any upgrades like the other Heralds... mostly because the other Heralds that are not Heralds do not get them. Relentless would fix a lot of issues, but the lack of Jump Infantry means you can not place the Exulted Flamer in a unit of Flamers... What?!?!

  4. What about putting a couple in a bastion?

  5. That's a solid idea. My only worry is the range. Possibly trying out something like a unit of horrors, exalted flamer, and herald with locus of conjuration. This gives us some much need prescience and possibly ignoring cover. Still not sure how I feel about that 18" range though. Worth some play testing.