Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Value of Dark Vengeance

With the release of the exciting new Dark Vengeance starter only days away, many of us are itching to buy one or more boxes. Each and every one of the figures not only surpasses the quality of previous starter sets, but exceeds that of many newly sculpted non-starter releases. For a mere $99.99 unsurprising that almost all of us will buy a box of our own this weekend.

But for those of us who are not, I beg you to reconsider. If not for the models, than for the value! By breaking down the contents, we can see that this set is a financial blessing, especially if you play either of the two armies included.

Dark Angels

Space Marine Tactical Squad- $37.25
Terminator Squad- $50.00
Raven Wing Bike Squadron- $41.25
Dark Angels Company Master- $19.25
Space Marine Librarian- $16.00

Total: $163.75

Chaos Space Marines

Now most of this is speculation, but we can only assume that the Hellbrute is as at least as expensive as a dreadnought, and that the cultists may be similarly priced to Guardsman. I'd also assume the chosen to be around the same price as space marine veteransThat being said, educated guesses for the retail value of the Chaos contents may be:

Chaos Lord- $19.75
Hellbrute- $46.25?
Cultists- $29.00?
Assault Cultists- $29.00?
Chosen- $45.00?

Total Estimated Value: $169.00?

Disregarding the  templates, measuring sticks, dice, and paperback rule book included in the set we come to:
Total Dark Vengeance Value: $332.75?

Many would argue in previous starter sets that a significant decrease in figure quality may justify a lower price, but anyone who has glanced at the miniatures in the Dark Vengeance set would ardently disagree. Each model from the horrifyingly detailed Hellbrute, to the dynamically posed an beautifully sculpted Dark Angels HQs are some of the most beautiful figures Games Workshop have made.

Therefore, I urge everyone to consider purchasing this incredible set. Split it with a friend! If not for the quality of the models, then for the outstanding value. If you don't play Chaos or Dark Angels, well this is an incredible way to start a new army!

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