Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Battle Report Suggestions

Hey guys, jwhite here with The Flying Predator!
With the start of our new blog, we plan on posting plenty of battle reports for your viewing pleasure, along with our tactical input on those battles. So the question remains, what formats for recorded battle reports do you guys like? We want these reports to be quick and streamlined so they are easy to watch, but also show all the important parts of the turn so the viewer can get a good read on the entire battle. What are some of your favorite features of video battle reports? What works or doesn't work? What keeps you interested in the entire fight? All of your suggestions will help us to design a better battle report for our viewers, so let's hear them!

1 comment:

  1. I still think diagram batreps like those you used to see in White dwarf with the arrows and squad symbols work really well.

    Those that use photos of just a few models in amongst text describing the movement are really hard to guage in terms of army movement.

    It is tricky though as if you put all 3 with too much depth they can be time consuming both for you and the readers...

    I do think that the diagrams are the most important format for me personally though, with the descriptive text second followed by artistic photos.