Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unit of the Week: Deathcult Assassins

Each week we'll highlight a unit that we feel is underrated, deserves recognition, or one that we simply love fielding. This week we'll discuss Deathcult Assassins!

The unit composition is simple: six Deathcult Assassins, four Crusaders, and a Grandmaster in a Stormraven Gunship. The Crusaders soak up wounds from overwatch, the Assassins provide the attacks, and the Grandmaster buffs the unit.

Take rad grenades on the Grandmaster. When the warband disembarks, deploy the crusaders in front. Cast Hammerhand with the Grand Master when the unit reaches combat with its target. Your opponent will be unpleasantly greeted with 24 initiative 6 attacks  at weapon skill 5, strength 5, and AP 3 with a -1 penalty to their toughness before the crusaders or the grandmaster can have their fun... Ouch. This should be sufficient to obliterate any MEQ unit, while still providing the volume of attacks to take out TEQ's with relative ease. At only fifteen points a model, this deadly combination is a steal.

It's important to note that by purchasing Inquisitor Coteaz, these close combat monsters are also scoring! Only 100 points buys you an incredible psyker who allows for a reroll to sieze the initiative and forces the opponent to reroll successful siezes.

With a Stormraven at its side, this unit has the mobility to shuttle seamlessly across the battlefield from threat to threat while also offering the defensive capabilities to hold objectives and even the strength to take down most vehicles in close combat if the situation calls for it.

If played correctly, we've discovered that the inquisitorial warband is one of the most effective close combat units in the game. The versatilty of the unit allows for incredible offensive power as well as the outstanding defensive capability to maintain full strength for the charge, and the ability to take on nearly any role on the battlefield.

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