Monday, February 3, 2014

Opening the Box: Bandua Garbage Container (designed for Inifinity)

Perhaps my favorite part of the enitre hobby is collecting. I love owning tons of miniatures, dice, books, terrain, gaming mats, you name it. There's something about owning a mountain of gaming supplies that fuels me to really love this great hobby.

As of late my gaming club has been collecting everything we need to be able to play our games without all having to travel to our FLGS just to get a game in. Perhaps the biggest investment of this has been all the terrain we need to collect and/or make. Looking at all the different brands of terrain that our FLGS had to offer I picked up pretty much one box from each of the companies to compare and contrast what I thought about it all.

My journey of comparison began with a company called Bandua Wargames. They host a rather large online store that carries a massive quanitiy of both original and resold miniatures and miniature accessories. I opted for a small piece that would fit with our urban table we are in the process of constructing. The garbage container. Most of the buildings that they have designed for Infinity have a very clean Sci-Fi look and don't mesh too well with the grimdark world of 40k. In the future I am more than considering going back to collect a whole set of the infinity terrain because it is nothing short of beautiful. 

The Build - 5
Mostly everything else I've worked with in the past has been white metal, plastic or resin (or whatever that shit GW passes of as Finecast is) this was my first time working with a model made out of MDF board. After making this tiny dumpster model, I'm going to be going out of my way to find more terrain made out of MDF board. This material is just so easy to work with, it's nothing short of mind blowing. All the pieces come on a "sprue" after they have been laser cut and are simple enough to pop out with your fingers. After that, a quick scrapping with either a hobby knife or a metal file will complete your clean up. That's it. You're done cleaning the model, it took no time at all!

Next up is glueing all these laser cut pieces of compressed board together. Well, that's done. Super glue adhears to them incredibly easy. Very small amounts is all it takes and everything stays together extremely well. The whole process took no more than ten minutes start to finish. 

The Finished Product - 5
The critic in me is looking for something to complain about. Luckily, there isn't a complaint in sight. The garbage container looks damn nice at a good scale. 

The Value - 4
Okay so four is a little high for the value of this particular tiny prouct, right? Nope! Over time I have bought far less when it comes to terrain for far more. Ammo barrels and other similar battlefield debris come to mind in particular. This is a solid, well detailed miniature that I love. 

The super exciting Garbage Container from Bandua Wargames is my first of many purcahses to come. Not to mention, I will be looking for a lot more of these laser cut MDF board models. I can not stress enough how easy they are to work with. 

If you're interested in checking out more products like this one head over here.

Let me know if you guys have had some good experiances with this kind of terrain before. 

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