Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Wishlist/Rumor Compilation

 Today I'm going to touch on a bit of the rumors regarding the new Chaos Space Marine codex and some content that I would personally like to see in it. As a long time CSM player, I am extremely eager to see a new release for my favorite army. With each new releasecomes a lot more than simply a new shiny book, we see loads of new models and units and even redone versions of old favorites. Here's a quick run down of things I've read around the internet and others that I hope we see.

New units-

A flyer (rumored to be a dragon like machine that is a monster in dog fights)
Cultist transport

Cultist artillery
Variation of the Land Raider
Possessed that aren't just a point sink (rumor has it we will see both a fast attack and an elite version)
Cult Terminators (already rumored to be bits for dedicating terminators to each of the four dark gods)
A character or two would be nice

These last few months, I have been considering certain ground-breaking possibilities the new Codex could offer. The biggest thing that I started thinking about was how cultist could be worked in to a lot of different areas of  our army. It would be pretty interesting to be able to field an army that was nothing but cultist based units with one Chaos Lord leading them all. Possessed are one of my favorite models in the current Chaos range, but I can never bring myself to use the models because of how impractical they are in-game. Seeing their rules reinvented would really be a step in the right direction.

Redone models-

Thousand Sons
Noise Marines
Dreadnought (Hellbrute is most likely going to be our replacement, still would like to see a box set)
Cultist box set
Cypher the Fallen Angel

A lot of these models have either become very dated or are in need of a box set. Obliterators fit perfectly into both of these categories. The models looks terrible, include weapons that they no longer have, and cost an arm and a leg. A box of three in the same manor as Canoptek Wraiths would be an excellent solution to all of these problems.

Of course, many of these models still suffer from a condition that used to plague nearly every elite unit or character in the game, they are still pewter models. Some hobbyists are pewter purists and I have no issue with that, I just hate the stuff. Seeing Havocs in either a finecast set or a plastic set would do for me. Most of all though, the Thousand Son marines come to mind. Mine have had their heavy metal torsos fall off so many times that a plastic or fine cast model would be a god send.

New rules-

Bring back the power of the Legions! (some rumors say that depending how you mark you Chaos Lord will change how you can choose different units)
Redesign each character completely
Make Chaos Lords the monster in CC that they should be
Chosen with lesser Daemon weapons! (a boy can dream)
Marking vehicles

My biggest hopes from this are that I would kill to see legions comes back in some shape and the special characters are lacking in the current edition.

Back in the second third edition CSM codex we saw eight separate and unique legions. Each one of them was a specialist legion that had huge advantages and huge weaknesses. My favorite of these was the Word Bearers legion. Written as a minor legion, the Word Bearers get to completely renovate the entire army but they did provide some substantial new options, including the exclusive Chaos Chaplains, or Dark Apostles. They were even able to summon all daemons, while most legions were limited to their patron god.

With the way 40k has evolved in 6th edition I believe new special characters would go hand in hand with the possible changes to army. Unique units like the Space Marine special characters  with army-modifying abilities make me feel that the addition of more Chaos Space Marine special characters would be the right place to have these changes come in play. The current CSM characters tend to just be close combat beasts that can't do much else for your army, with only the exception of Fabius Bile who can buff only one unit. Vulkan He'Stan makes all of you flamers and meltas twin-linked and your thunder hammers master crafted. Vulkan is just one of the many characters from the Space Marine codex that can do exactly what I want.

Make sure you check out Faeit212 for a comprehensive Chaos Space Marine rumor list. This outlines every rumor I listed and much, much more. Remember, however, that these are RUMORS and should be taken with several grains of salt, but Faeit is one of the most reliable sources out there.

All in all, my hopes are high for this new book. Hopefully GW can find the proper balance between having a satisfying army to die-hard chaos players while not being an overwhelmingly broken army like we saw in previous renditions. However, I'm honestly just excited to get something new, whatever it might be! But, that's enough of me spilling out my innermost desires for my beloved Chaos Space Marines. What are you guys hoping for? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can't be worse than the gav dex right? ;)

    Tbh I'm struggling to believe it will be next month since we have been being told it will be next month since july. Would be nice to see the legions return (I'm an alpha legion player, so at least cultists make a return) but I'm not convinced it will happen.